a stylistic device in which emphasis is achieved through deliberate exaggeration
It does not signify the actual state of affairs in reality, but presents the latter through the emotionally coloured perception and rendering of the speaker.

My vegetable love should grow faster than empires. (A.Marvell)

The man was like the Rock of Gibraltar.

Calpurnia was all angles and bones.

I was scared to death when he entered the room. (J.D.Salinger)

Source: V.A.K.
a deliberate overstatement or exaggeration of a feature essential (unlike periphrasis) to the object or phenomenon
- is a device which sharpens the reader's ability to make a logical assessment of the utterance

He was so tall that I was not sure he had a face. (O.Henry)

Source: I.R.G.
заведомое преувеличение, повышающее экспрессивность высказывания и сообщающее ему эмфатичность (I.V.A.)
See: lexical SDs

English-Russian dictionary of stylistics (terminology and examples) . 2014.

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